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Posts sent on: 2014-11-29 has learned that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are taking their over-sharing habits to a whole new level: According to a new report in OK! Magazine, theyre planning to do a naked photo shoot together! A source told the magazine that Kardashians husband wasnt just proud of her controversial Paper magazine shoot; he was inspired. According to the insider, West has already commissioned a gallery-worthy portrait of himself and Kardashian lying naked in a loving embrace . West thinks she looks sexier than ever, and is obviously his own biggest fan too, so now seems like the perfect time, said the source. And it wont just be an intimate session, for their use only.

Frank Ocean unveils new song -

Kim got furious with Kanye and triggered a screaming match with him raging that shes too permissive and lax about telling a child what not to do. Kanyes adamant that a childs got to be schooled!' In everyone relationship it seems that one parent is the stricter than the other. However, if a mother and a father arent on the same page at all about how they want to raise their child, which includes the type of punishments they will give out, it could cause some serious problems not only for the child, but for their marriage as well. Kim Kardashian has allegedly been spotted visiting a lawyer, which, of course sparked divorce rumors that she was considering divorce. However, Gossip Cop reveals that the entire report of Kanye West slapping Norths hand, and Kim Kardashian disapproving is completely false .

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Fighting Over Spanking North West

& Tiny, Jon Taffer, Russell Davis, and Collective Soul, to name a few, and shows including Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta, Double Divas, Bar Rescue, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Married To Medicine, American Pickers, Beyond Scared Straight, Kim of Queens, The Game, Private Lives of Nashville Wives, and Chow Masters. Recording sessions for the album started with Keci and Steele recording Thats Kool, which is a Hip-Hop driven song featuring Kecis syncopated percussive rapping and in-your-face vocals with the chorus being inspired by "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again," dating back to the American Civil War. Several other strong music influences shine bright throughout the track sequence, such as with Third Eye (feat. Jerry the Fisherman and Puff Nebula), which delivers a chill, laid-back vibe to its listeners with vintage sounding guitars, strings sections, and vocal performance. The album features 12 tracks with a blend of Hip-Hop, R&B, Neo-Soul, and Pop that starts with an album Intro, 10 Songs, and an Outro that tell a story from Kecis perspective of overcoming different struggles and situations and encouraging her listeners with hope and a positive message throughout. Earlier in September of of this year, Steele traveled and worked in The Bahamas with the Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders and Like The Boat, LLC, sound mixing a television series titled All Eyes on Us for Fox Sports South based on the Hawks Cheerleaders 2015 swimsuit calendar.

Keci Releases New Album, "Shedding Scales," and Gets Ready to Take the Show on the Road -

According to reports, Kanye is overseas clocking in some serious studio time. In just one sentence, Kanye West set the hip hop world on fire because it sounds like the rapper just told our photog hes recording a new album thats a sequel to Yeezus but some of our users think its only shoe talk. West was at LAX for an international flight when we asked what hed be doing out of the country the rapper said, Im going to China to work on Yeezus. (TMZ) Check out the interview footage right here Continued On Page: 1 2

 | Kanye West Aims To Please Us, Heads Far East For Yeezus -

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Frank Ocean unveiled a new song Friday It's been two years since his acclaimed debut album, "Channel Orange" The artist presented the song with no fanfare He's reportedly been in the studio working on another album (CNN) -- Welcome back, Frank Ocean. It's been two years since the Grammy-winning artist made a stellar debut with his album "Channel Orange," and on Friday he quietly delivered a new song called "Memrise." While many musicians would roll out the PR red carpet for a new track, Ocean unveiled the meditative "Memrise" without any fanfare on his Tumblr. You can listen to the single on his site, . The mood of "Memrise" feels similar to some of Ocean's work on "Channel Orange," but it's experimental in his delivery. Rather than simply singing all of the song's lines, Ocean employs a more staccato, spoken-word delivery, saving his distinct vocals to close out the song.

Radar Online | Kris Forbids Kim From Divorcing Kanye

Kims career is on top now and she doesnt want her to screw it up. As Radar reported, Kardashians divorce from Humphries after just 72 days of marriage was a public relations disaster, with many accusing the star of faking her marriage for ratings. PHOTOS: Love & Marriage Kimye-Style! The Couples Top 15 Dirtiest Secrets EXPOSED But despite Jenners best intentions to help her daughter avoid going through that again, the source said the momager is really part of the problem between Kardashian and her man. Kanye wanted to take over more of Kims career when they got married and hes started doing that, but Kris wont allow him to have 100 percent control , the insider said.

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30 Nov 2014

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clanvolunteered at theLos Angeles Missions Annual Thanksgiving for the Homeless on Wednesday, where she served up sweet potatoes and other traditional holidaydishes. With her shoulder length two-tone hair worn down, Jenner, 17, kept food safety in mind as she donned an apron and plastic gloves. The reality star turned clothing designer was joined by rumored boyfriend Tyga (not pictured) during the event. But last month, a source close to the family denied the pair was a couple to E!

Kylie and Kendall Jenner (Plus Nicki Minaj, Usher and More) Pose For New Beats By Dre Ad - Yahoo Celebrity

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Radar Online | Kylie Jenner Spends Thanksgiving With Tyga!

After spending the day together serving food to the homeless at the Los Angeles Mission on Wednesday, it seems the two shared some time together on Thanksgiving. PHOTOS: Kylie Jenner & Tyga Volunteer At A Food Bank! Jenner posted a photo on Instagram on Thursday of Tyga with the caption Happy Thanksgiving. Tyga appears to be wearing the same outfitin an Instagram photo he posted of his Thanksgiving celebration with Chris Brown and pals. Its not clear if Jenner attended Tygas feast or perhaps spent the day at her sister Khloe Kardashian s house. Kardashian posted Instagram pics of her Thanksgiving feast which was attended by Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner .

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Gets New Life After Paper Magazine Cover Photo

The insider said that Kylie and Kendall want to share the holidays with their dad as they dont want to dine with Kris and Corey, They want to spend the holiday with their dad because they absolutely do not want to be with Kris and Corey on Thursday. They have told their mom that they have nothing to thank her for this year! For their part, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have such bad marital issues at the moment that they are on the verge of a breakup, according to some. For that reason, they will also be no-shows at the Kris Jenner Thanksgiving table. The report revealed that Kim Kardashian , Kanye West and 1-year-old North West will be there with her as Kim loves spending time with her mom, almost as much as she loves tweeting about her Thanksgivings every year. As the source told Radar, Its just sad.

Kardashian Kids Reportedly Won?t Be Spending Thanksgiving With Kris Jenner

Pornhub, which refers to Kardashian as a porn star, says that more women all over the world search for her on the porn video sharing site than for any other porn star. Kardashian is also the porn star watch Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape most searched forby men and women in the U.S. and the U.K. Since it was uploaded in March 2011, Kardashians sex tape with Ray J has over 93 million views on Pornhub, and every time Kim Kardashian makes the news -- whether it's by getting married, divorced, or pregnant -- searches for her sex tape spike anew. Her marriage to Kanye West in May 2014 caused the lowest spike in sex tape searches of her life events, however. Searches for her sex tape went up only 17 percent in the U.S.

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29 Nov 2014